The Ultimate Tools and Software list for travel bloggers

To become successful as a blogger in 2016, writing content is not enough. You have do ample amount of content marketing, search engine optimization and link building. This applies to travel blogs as well. If you are thinking that SEO, content marketing and link building can be done manually, then you are mistaken. It will… Read More »

Inscribing Magento 2.0 Enhancement Contentions

Before introducing you guys with the new releases that have addressed Magento 2.0 upgrading issues, I would like to put forward a small definition of Magento that will describe “how we define Magento?” So, initially let’s first focus on the Magento introduction section.

Mastering the Art of Overcoming the Risk of Freelancing

As per a study conducted by Intuit predicts that by 2020, a considerable percentage which is approximately 40% of the American workers will opt in for independent contracting. This known as Gig economy, which is an environment where there is a surge in temporary job vacancies where organizations prefer working with independent workers and that… Read More »

Top 5 Tech Gadget launched in World on New Year 2015

For all tech lovers, here is something that you will love. Here is a list of bad boys that you will like to grab on New Year’s. We bring to you a list of the best technologies that are varied and awe inspiring. The tech market will be abuzz with not only phones, but more… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 VS iPhone 6S – Camera Technology

Tug of war between premier flagships of different brands starts with design and ends with camera. Samsung and Apple are not different. When we think of these two frontline warriors of world’s two most leading smartphone manufacturers a bunch of advanced features and specs come around our minds and we always get overwhelmed with the… Read More »